Cayos Cochinos


Private Charter to Cayos Cochinos (National Park)

Cayos Cochinos are a group of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande) and 13 more small coral cays situated 24 miles south of Roatan.

National Geographic writes..

“The waters around this collection of coral cays are a marine biologist’s dream: protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen, and busy with creatures that may not yet have names.

Tour schedules a first stop on a deserted cay and a second one on Chachawate where guests are greeted by locals Garifunas and lunch is served (not included).

Fishing is an option available during navigation.


8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (max 10 People), cost USD$1500

What is included in the tour?
  • Transportation
  • Marine Park Fee
  • Drinks on board
  • Fresh fruit
  • Snorkeling equipment